Thursday, January 15, 2015

The birds speak louder than your words
and I can't even understand theirs.
Funny thing, that is.
A story about a monster will outlive anything
you've ever had to say
and it was written by a girl five years your junior.
You were the monster all along(?)
But she wasn't to know that, some two-hundred
years ago,
or so.
I hear the birds louder than I hear your
monstrous voice;
you're so quiet in your terror.
But perhaps it doesn't ring so loudly in my ears
because it's dampened by the fast
thud-thud, thud-thud of my heart.
You animal, you seem so large!
But the birds are larger, not when I hear them caw,
but when they come together in a mass
that screams,
"We are here,
and why are you down there, so alone?"

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My life is petty and the people are scary.
My arms got wet as I said,
"it's okay, baby,"
the day after my mattress lost the shape of my body.
The people are scary and my life is petty
but I blow smoke out my mouth in pretty shapes
and feel comfy.
You never knew that I knew but I watched...
from two-hundred miles away, through the blacks
of the backs of my eyelids...
while I bundled up into a blanket cocoon
to keep my heart silent.
You never knew that I knew
until I told you,

and after all of it the gas continues to be lit.