Friday, June 17, 2016

A light tucks under the shade by the window
pretend you didn't see it all you want
I felt a wisp of hair that wasn't mine just then
did I imagine that sensation?

You weren't around when the moon landed upon the earth
where I dug and dug for the answers
to your questions
Ever since you asked them, I've been naked
opened up and swallowed whole
by my creation

Everything was meant to be
the way it has unfolded,
but I can't help but question our Sovereignty
You weren't meant to be here, and I'm alone
I've never felt so Powerful

Today the stars beckoned
and I refused them
the pull of darkness is stronger still
The light has licked its lips at me
and I ignore it

Rain never asked what we thought about its wetness
So why do we pretend like we care?
Tell me again what you remember
if you even dare

The wholeness of We
has opened itself up to me
and I cannot even cry
You wandered through this wood forever
to Catch a Butterfly

Softly, slowly, gently now
hear the whisper as it fades away
And kiss yourself when you remember
what it means to Pray