Friday, October 4, 2013


Sorry, but I just don't buy that happiness
is something you feel, that it's real
if I'd only give up the one thing i could
tell you about me (I mean truthfully:

what is identity? you think I was faking
when I furrowed my brow
as if asking, "but how?" when you
told me to 'be myself.'
Do you know what my favourite song is?
Well, neither do I).

But I do know how to measure myself,
and that I don't measure up
because I ate a whole cup--not a fourth--
and I'm too large by three,
I'm obsessed with A's know what I mean.

When he asked me if I was an actress
and I said, "Yes" with a smile
I was answering an identical question

but not the one he was really asking.

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