Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Dude, did you see that banana just walk by?"

"No, there isn't one. Shut the fuck up."

"Oh, haha, right. I'm just way too stoned."

"You're on weed, not LSD. Quit being a faggot."

"Hey, don't use that word. Gay people are cool."

"I'm not talking about homosexuals; I'm talking about you. You're being a faggot. I'm never smoking with you again."


"Yeah, you'd better be. You're acting like an eighth grade girl on cough syrup."


"Yeah...just stop talking. Try to move with time. You know what I mean?"

"Yeah, time's like, breathing. It's so cool."

"No, time is not fucking breathing. Stop with your fake tripping. Weed is chill."


"Do you feel giddy?"


"No, you don't. Shut the fuck up. I was testing you. You're a goddamn phony."

"I'm sorry."

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