Monday, July 5, 2010

Yesterday was a bad one.

Today, I feel great. I'm going to make sure that it stays that way; whether or not I feel shitty is entirely up to me. Any mood is...granted, sometimes being angry or sad is healthy, but if I'm aware that I ought not feel that way, I am in control of my mood.

If only more people could figure that out, eh?

Today is a day of searching...I need to find out what I want to do. It's terribly hard, you know, when there are a million things that seem to interest you equally.

Acting always stands out above the rest, though. It's so...effortless.

Then again, I always get really interested in science or history and tell myself that I'd be better servicing my brain by doing something in those fields.

My answer (usually)? Look at the Self-Taught Man, the Autodidact. Just because I want to learn about something in depth, does that mean I have to go to school for it or make a career out of it? Certainly not...

Why do we all think that someone else has to teach us? At one point, they were no different than we.


I'm pretty much equal to Einstein.

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