Wednesday, April 27, 2011

If you want everyone to love you,
then you need to be mysterious.

The trick is making people believe that you're showing yourself to them and ONLY them...

They want to feel special, as though they've found a secret treasure-

-but they can never know your face.

If they're allowed to know your face at all, then it can only be a silhouette,
or a hand-covered profile,
or a shot with red highlights and blue shadows and no green
and no face.

(for no one is as beautiful when fully exposed)

Your name might be an alias,
but it has to be interesting.

(but probably not alabaster; it's a bit too overt)

You should speak in riddles,
and you should make them try to
figure you out,
all the while laughing at the fact that
you never actually say anything.

You should be separated from them by a glass screen.

They should never hear your voice; if they do, then it should be low,
and distorted by eerie tones
and music box melodies.

Because the truth of the matter is this:
the more you know of someone, the less you can love them.

This is because we are all

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