Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I'm surrounded by a wall
with an electric field, and
so many barbs,
and lots of nasty prickly things.

The littlest things make me scared.
I run to the corner like a child,
and I shudder.

Feelings wrench your gut,
but you can't distinguish between
legitimacy and

The more often those feelings
prove themselves to be valid,
the harder it gets to
shake them off.

A constant state of heart-in-throat
is likely quite unhealthy.

An incessant tingling of nerves
probably means something bad.

1 comment:

  1. Deep breaths - Inhale deeply to the count of
    4 or 6 and Exhale completely to the count of
    8 or 12. This helps me so much!

    While I breathe deeply I simply picture myself
    as the warm blue sky and and as I exhale I
    see cool clouds of negativity leaving my body.

    Hope this helps Kassandra.