Friday, June 17, 2011

Drunk something

being drunk alone
feels no different from
being sober alone

every time I see your face
I cringe
it does something to me
every time I feel those eyes
looking at me
I want to vomit
into this bush beside me

each drag teaches me something new
about myself
like the fact that the inside of my throat
can feel burnt

you reached out to me
when I was alone
and I turned you away
because I'm a badass motherfucker

now I'm lonely
and it's 1:38 AM
on a friday
I've sat here for hours
trying to kill time
but nothing's working
not even the booze

my arms and legs tingle,
but that doesn't mean a damn thing
I'm still here
on my bed
under my covers
with a brain that hates its owner

Hello, dear,
why don't you go fuck yourself?

Autosexuality, yeah...

that's what I need.

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