Wednesday, June 15, 2011

From the back inside cover

The world's gone mad but it calls me the mad one
People put shit in their mouths and spit it out,
but I'm insane for defacing a book or two.
Strangers stare at strangers as they dine
in the same room, yet
everyone pretends that his privacy is
Somewhere someone sings a line
from his favourite song, and
someone somewhere else sings the same line
at the same time,
and neither of them are unique.
I ask the world to be different,
but I don't know how that would
make anything better.
I want people to stop being so goddamned stupid,
but would life be much better if everyone were smart?
We, the mad ones,
the "conscious" ones...
we sit in our cars and
talk about things that matter just as little
as the things that
the dopeheads
the gangsters
the rednecks
the hipsters
talk about
but we're convinced that the universe
balances upon them.
I'm sure everyone else feels the same.


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