Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Let's get the boring stuff out of the way.

My mom was pregnant, and her belly was stretched and translucent and I could see the baby quite clearly; it was a girl. Later she was born and was named Nathalia. I think. Something between Nadia and Natasha, so we'll go with Nathalia.

What happened just before she was born is what's important.

it was in little contact lense-shaped bowls, and it was a liquid that you just drank.
As I lay down, I felt an immediate rush forward into space, like my body was a freight train or spaceship. It was an intense buzz, and it felt so physically real...more real than any of my lucid dreams have been.

Next I remember smiling, embracing everything, not scared at all like I usually am.
There was a black screen, and this weird white simple-line-drawn cartoon guy was moving across it like one of those tiny flipbooks.
He was important; he was showing me something.

I got up then (not really, but I imagined myself getting up...within the dream...this is all getting a little meta) and went to an imagined mirror, and saw myself, and decided to look into my eyes. I got as close as possible, and some weird thin ray of light directed my line of sight and I looked into myself, and suddenly I lost all sense of identity; the mirror-me became me, and the real me became the mirror, and what I saw when I looked into those pupils was something I will never, ever be able to describe in human terms.

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