Saturday, November 24, 2012

Oh. my. Fuck

the end of the world was nigh we had to beat out the wooden deck so we could hide under in the murkiness hannah went to the salon and no one was there so she cut her own hair there were weird things happening with the sky, the fire, I REFUSED to believe it was ending and I kept asking Gabe and Christian if they believed it and they said yes. I asked why and they said that there was nothing else to explain the weird things that has happened; also, people around the world had grown unresponsive aka we couldn't contact them so they must have been dead, right? there was the girl and she was married to the leader and she was so so so evil but I loved her, she was smart. she fucked the leader's dad and he was SO ANGRY. she had something you put on your phone that could end all communication with everyone and she put it on my phone and made me press it so everyone thought I was the malicious one here. I decided that I wanted to live through my death, stay awake and active through every second of it, and I asked Christian and Gabe if they wanted to as well, but no, they wanted to hide under the deck in the murkiness with everyone else to talk. why? so I made plans to leave with two gay guys who wanted to do the same thing, and I had a beautiful thought about the earth destroying humans that I bet this exact fucking thing has happened before and I looked up at the sky and it was so strange and beautiful. my dad and brother were dead and I said that I would say goodbye to my mom but then I was leaving, I did NOT BELIEVE the world was really going to end. Gabe said that if I stayed awake through it then it would probably be instant death and my eyes would just shut. I figured that if that was the case, then I wouldn't know any better, so I started to leave and...


I'm in a car. My little brother is in the back seat. There is snow outside and sticking on the window and my mom says in her soothing voice "...sheldon, did you know that in the heart of the U.S. there is a twinkling little town. It's in Texas, and it's called America..."

Fraternity. Chocolate Fraternity.

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